In INDIA We have only one company to provide as per government standards 2D &3D EVACUATION PLAN.

By law, every property must have an emergency plan. We have been supplying approved emergency escape plans (also known as fire escape diagrams) since 2012 and are now providing these to the Indian and International standards.

FIREPLAN providing latest technology 3D view of the floor, correctly oriented to the readers location, the 3D Evacuation plan is quicker identify your position in the building, and visualize your quickest routes to exit.

Emergency Evacuation plan are an important element of your facility’s safety plan. They should clearly show information to your staff and visitors regarding evacuation procedures, installed equipment, details of the evacuation assembly area and exits.

To comply with current legislation, Evacuation Plan is a layout of a particular floor or an area which clearly indicates the present location of the person and guides him to follow the safe escape path to the nearest emergency exits. It also Provides additional information’s regarding the locations of the

Our evacuation plan are produced as colour A0, A1, A2,A3, A4 SIZES

Site visit

  • Our representatives are available to attend your facility to assist:
  • Survey to your building after that determining the number and location of emergency evacuation diagrams,
  • Verify the information provided on plans that you have submitted (including fire safety features).
  • In most cases, only one site visit would be required for each facility.

Benefits of the Emergency evacuation plan.

  • Evacuation drill can be conducted in a quick, efficient and smooth manner.
  • A new look is given to the organization showing that they care for the safety of their employer & they are ready to react to any kind replica watches of emergencies.
  • If we have an emergency evacuation plan, the people will get familiarized with the no of escape exits available and they can act effectively during emergency.
  • The evacuation time will considerable decrease due to installation of Fire Evacuation Plan.