As the world economy grows, you may need to expand your business. Instead of taking on the added costs of expanding, perhaps you should look into offshore outsourcing Evacuation plan work.

If you have been waiting to take the plunge into outsourcing, there is no better time than now and no better company for you to partner with than FIREPLAN.

When you outsource evacuation plan services to FIREPLAN, you are partnering with a company that one of the trusted privately owned fire evacuation plan businesses in the INDIA.

Other Advantages in Outsourcing your Evacuation Plan

  • Precise evacuation plan that leave no scope for errors.
  • Legibility, speed and accuracy.
  • Exact scaling and the incorporation of exact specifications.
  • Attention to detail concerning your requirements.
  • Team of specialists with extensive knowledge in evacuation plan design.
  • All our services come at cost-effective rates that are 40-60% less than you would normally spend.
  • International Experience- Take advantage of our knowledge of country-specfic Standards followed across the US, UK, Europe and Australia.
  • 24x7 resource availability – Our operation run 2 shifts around the clock.

Cost Reduction

  • Data safety and professional output.
  • Services of the highest quality.
  • Accurate evacuation plan results within stipulated time frame.

With an efficient team and utilizing updated technology, we can provide high quality evacuation plan as per your specification.

Our Staff Undergoes Regular Refresher Training

We conduct periodic training sessions for all our personnel in the following areas

  • Study of evacuation plan drawing
  • View angles
  • Material and color pattern selection
  • QC metric standards
  • New software versions
  • Client standards
  • Communication and soft skills

Our Quality Control Measures

We have implemented stringent quality control measures for our evacuation plan services.

This includes a 4-tier system.
This is executed first at the digitization level.
Second that quality check on paper (QC 1) and correction that file.
Third that make final evacuation plan as per your standards and
Fourth that our supervisor checks final evacuation plan and deliver to before 72 hours.

We collect detailed customer requirements through a Customer Requirements Document (CRD) to facilitate initial project analysis.

We conduct an initial trial, which if successfully completed, cheap replica watches is followed by signing the industry-standard SLA (Service Level Agreement).

With client approval, we create (and regularly update) training manuals, process documents and other relevant documentation for all on-going projects.

Our Infrastructure, Service Delivery, and SLA Adherence

We have invested significantly in modern infrastructure to ensure timely service delivery and strict adherence to committed SLAs.

Our infrastructure includes:

  • 1500 sq. ft. office area. Sprawling, air-conditioned workspaces.
  • State-of-the-art systems, workstations and technology infrastructure.
  • Installed leased line (T1) with 2Mbps bandwidth for uninterrupted flow of data.
  • Network security with firewalls.
  • Data security of international standards for mandatory compliance

Security Measures for Data Protection

The security of our client’s valuable and confidential data is our primary concern, and we have implemented advanced technology, systems and processes to ensure its safety. The security measures include :

Network Topography – We have installed a well-designed, hi-tech network that can efficiently handle all security threats.

Password Policy – Each user is protected with a password and only authorized users are allowed access to our domain after due authentication.

Enterprise Level OS – We have installed an enterprise level operating system that empowers us to effectively implement multi-level data security.

Access Rights – Access to various devices is governed through a well-defined policy and strictly enforced through Active Directory.

Virtual Desktops – We have set up a virtual environment for highly sensitive data related projects that allows for creation and retention of data only on our server, with restricted access for greater security.

Internet Usage Policy – We have installed a firewall and implemented a policy that restricts the use of pre-determined websites that are not suitable for office use.

Antivirus – Every workstation has real-time antivirus protection enabled.

Evacuation Plan Pricing

FIREPLAN can offer two pricing choices — Per hour and Per evacuation plan. Ask about our free trial for large-volume projects.

Corporate Customer Benifit — To become a corpotare customer you should have a minimum 50 nos. Evacuation plan order per month.

Contact Us to avil of corporate customer benifits.