For Fire Evacuation Plan

We start by getting copies of your floor plans (CAD files, scanned images or drawings, PDF, jpg ) placed into our software. We redraw your plans using color to highlight the passage, bathroom, flooring area and fire exit while at the same time simplifying and clarifying your building plans.

We clearly show all external and internal walls, doorways, bathroom, lift, and fire exits. After that send a first draft to you for review. With this review we ask for you to verify the accuracy of the drawing and make all corrections and revisions.

To comply with current legislation, Evacuation Plan is a layout of a particular floor or an area which clearly indicates the present location of the person and guides him to follow the safe escape path to the nearest emergency exits. Also show all fire equipment location, Emergency contact number, Assembly area location. Etc.
For commercial properties we provide you minimum two evacuation plan for each floor. i.e. Near lift, and staircase area.
On every floor at the main entry points to the floor or building
Main corridors, Lift lobbies and stairs
For Hotels - In every guest room and common area
For Hospital - In every patient room.
For Factory :- Every production area and main gate.
Fire evacuation plan and back of door evacuation plan are all evacuation maps - the door maps are formatted to fit, and to be posted, on the back of each door in a University or College residence hall, hospital or hotel room door. Door maps include evacuation instructions along with the graphic map to help clarify what should be done in various emergency situations.
Most office buildings the icons used would include fire extinguishers, call points, fire exits and first aid, fire hydrant ,fire hose pipe, fire hose rell. etc
We have icons for emergency response as well as for hazards on-site.
We have a large icon library. Which icons are used is based on what your facility has on site.
Again, not a problem. Our FIREPLAN team includes qualified civil engineer who can visit your site and draw up your floor plans where required. Pricing are change for this type of building.
First fill out our estimate form including your name and contact information. Tell us how many buildings, floorsand size of evacuation plan, that you have.
If you have floor plans available please email them to
Once your submission is received we will get a proposal right out to you.

For Photoluminescent Safety Signs and Safety Poster

In the case of Safety Signages, there is a self-adhesive tape at its back, this tape needs to be pulled off, replica so that the Signage can be stuck onto the desired location. If the surface is rough, you need to drill holes into the edge of the Signage and fix the same with mirror screws.
Signages should be installed at all places that are accessed by people.
Please refer National Building Code of India.
The Life of the rigid sheet (indoors) is 10 years, while that of the aluminum sheet (outdoors) is 5 to 6 years. The Warranty period is 1 year.
First fill out our estimate from form including your name and contact information. Tell us how many signages and safety poster you have also with their size and material. Once your submission is received we will get a proposal right out to you.
Next, Sign your proposal and email to purchase order. Arrange for advance payment of the deposit –
Minimum 70 % advance payment to pay us.
Remaining 30 % Bill payment clear after order completions.

We can accept your credit card or paypal from payment.

Evacuation Map Process & Guide

Evacuation plan design and delivery we try to keep as simple as possible.

We require is a copy of your basic floor plan that have been marked the location of fire extinguisher, Manual call point, fire hydrant, fire hose pipe, Fire hose reel, first aid box, fire exit path , Fire blanket, Fire bucket , and most important your assembly point location and YOU ARE HERE location.


  • Perfect design template as per your evacuation plan requirement.
  • Large icon library for fire equipment symbol.
  • Our final evacuation approval by all fire auditors and government fire safety officers.
  • We have redraw your basic evacuation plan in our software.
  • Hospital and Hotels client, we have create one, unique design of each room. i.e Door evacuation map.
  • You are here marker in every evacuation plan.
  • Use standards floor plan colour. i.e floor area, bathroom, passage area, staircase.
  • Fire exit direction and fire exit arrow clearly show in final evacuation plan.

Please check your basic evacuation plan and our final evacuation plan. We require following basic evacuation plan copy.