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You Asked Us: Longines HydroConquest or MAEN Hudson 38 Jet BlackThis week we're answering an issue we from Joost inside the Netherlands. That has a budget of approximately 鈧?1.000,= he would like to invest in a stainless steel watch and asked us to give an opinion in regards to the Longines HydroConquest and MAEN Hudson 38 Jet Black. He has read our reviews, however, now asks us to supply your own opinion. Which one of those replica watches would we buy?You Asked Us: Longines HydroConquest or MAEN Hudson 38 Jet BlackGentlemen,For starters, with much pleasure I just read your well-written reviews. [Thank you Joost, we enjoy hear that!] I have a question about two replica watches which I consider buying, and i also do hope you would be ready to share your opinion about.I would like to obtain a nice metal watch, this will let you budget around that of the Longines HydroConquest (red. 鈧?1.070,=). I love the design of that watch and like a few things i read rolling around in its reviews at the same time.However, the MAEN Hudson 38 Jet Black, that is going to be around, attracts to me very much also. Both got good reviews with your website, but what one would YOU buy when you choose?Regards Joost.These are the basic replica watches to compareLet's start finding our reviews of the Longines HydroConquest and MAEN Hudson 38 replica watches. They're here and here respectively.Then follow this having a disclaimer. While our reviews, those likewise, are written not much opinionated and with many details, this write-up will be really much opinionated . Personally opinionated, because that was the essence of Joost's question. No correct or incorrect, no real or bad, just which watch I know should select. Obviously, I will explain my choice thoroughly.The Longines HydroConquest is available in various sizes. Our earlier review was mainly about the 41mm version, here' will compare the 39mm version since it is better the size of the MAEN Hudson 38. In comparison with our review MAEN changed the sapphire crystal from double-domed to domed, plus the ETA movement will certainly be a 2824-2 Elabore. And when compared with our report on the Longines, the movement may be meanwhile updated.Unfair?In the beginning, it might seem something of a dishonest comparison relating to the Longines and MAEN altogether. The mentioned HydroConquest retails for slightly over 鈧?1.000,= while the Hudson 38 are going to be sold cheaper than 1 / 2 of that quantity. fake watches Then again the latter is only sold directly online, which certainly cuts lots of the costs linked to retailing, however, prevents prospective buyers to feel and attempt the watch on in a very physical shop as well. And, various differences in specifications, which could influence our choice, might explain the main difference in price at the same time. We'll see ow that compares them?Whilst comparing replica watches, I always get the specifications and has clearly visible. Pressure rating, style of glass, type of movement/caliber, luminosity, practical features, and other options being a glass back or bracelet clasp extensions. Even though there a variety of similarities inside specifications between these two replica watches, you will discover quite some differences also. Differences which will matter for me. Some specifications matter much, others not at all. The complete feel I get coming from a watch matters most to me. So how exactly does it interest me in person? Good reputation for a product, continuity, and incredibly important, esthetics and balance at the same time.Specifications comparedThe general appearance with the Longines HydroConquest is more modern versus the semi-vintage look of the MAEN Hudson. To me, that's some point to the Longines. I really like vintage design, however hublot china watches , more in vintage replica watches when compared to modern produced ones. Although I have to admit that this vintage style of the MAEN is very well executed. For the sporty and quite heavy looks and construction in the Longines for me, the crown protectors are the ideal point. They will are already a little misplaced on the MAEN, and so i can't locate it a negative point which the MAEN doesn't need them.With vintage or vintage-inspired replica watches, I love double-domed acrylic crystals. The truth is, if acrylic crystals are domed they're always double-domed - this means inside and outside - so nobody mentions that. Next-best if you ask me is double-domed sapphire crystal replica Piguet watches . Could that as an example at a more luxury version of the Omega Speedmaster Professional. Very expensive though, and as a consequence - I guess - MAEN thought we would use just (single) domed sapphire crystal. Domed on the outside, flat on the inside. The Longines has an all flat sapphire crystal, I think correctly adapted up to the more modern look and straight lines inside the design of the watch.A somewhat busy dial to the LonginesSomething which bothers us a bit could be the hoo-ha within the dial in the Longines. To my taste, there's a bit a lot of index dots, markers, and numerals. Certainly along with the markers on the rotating bezel. I'll show why inside picture below, and that i show likewise the way it could have been cleaner to my ideas. Within this matter, the MAEN scores the higher points in my opinion. Their dial is extremely clean just excellent high-rise markers and really little printing. And, design-wise it would look really good which the Longines rotating bezel has a ribbed edge on only two sides with the bezel. I not really know how handy this is how the bezel has become turned 90 degrees and you also wish to operate it with gloves on lightly lots of index markers on top of 1 another in my tasteAnd here's my accept the dial (right) without the inner row of markers inside dial. Turning it into considerably cleaner and far better to my taste. The original Longines dial with markers and dots ahead A more cleaner dial, devoid of the inner markers inside dialBoth ETA based movements, but differentNext up are the movements to compare and contrast. The Longines and MAEN use proven movement designs. MAEN chosen to provide an ETA 2824-2 Elabore becasue it is standard movement, while Longines relies on a movement originally in line with the ETA 2892-A2.Extended power reserveOriginally. Because since 2016 The Swatch Group made some changes to this old, essentially prestige ETA 2892-A2 workhorse. The visible difference was how often of the movement, that was lowered to realize power reserve. The beats occurred with the regular 28.800/h to a quite rare 25.200/h, thus gaining power reserve from 44 to 64 hours. When wearing an automated watch on a regular basis this might 't be essential. Nevertheless it could be the contrast between a stopped watch then one still running whenever a watch isn't used during weekends as an example. I saw this to be a advantage.How important is MAEN's Elabore movement for meMAEN's Elabore ETA 2824-2 execution of the caliber is principally nice because of its better looks. It's nicely finished, much nicer versus the regular 2824. Even so, this may only become important if a person should select for the watch which has a sapphire glass case back, and that i wouldn't. For any divers watch, I'm not an excellent fan of an glass back. This means extra gaskets along with a back that is almost certainly going to damage than a solid stainless back. Certainly in the matter of the MAEN Hudson 38, the place that the glass back version offers a pressure rating of just 10 bar (100 meters). For just a dive watch that isn't very adequate in my book. The version with solid steel back carries a rating of 20 bar (200 meters), and that i would probably prefer that particular making the Elabore execution in the ETA caliber quite useless in my opinion.What's left for your Elabore movementExcept to the esthetics, technically the Elabore version equals the typical form of the ETA 2824-2. What is left is that the Elabore version may be regulated somewhat more accurate. In three rather than two positions, to a maximum gain or lack of 7 seconds every day, instead of + or - 12 seconds each day. Not something I would personally write home about.The Longines HydroConquest offers a solid steel case back using a nice inscription and embossed logo. Providing a pressure rating of 30 bar (300 meters) this could have my preference forwards and backwards replica watches. I'm not sure about the accuracy from the Longines movement, but I'm sure and possess enough confidence inside the brand that it's going to satisfy me.An essential point, the braceletsWhen I would like to make use of a watch over a metal bracelet, it is one of the main aspects I prize. I understand which a good stainless steel bracelet is certainly a expensive a part of a watch, and quite often it's here where manufacturers from the lower cost segment lose it.For our overview of the Longines HydroConquest, we specifically demanded a version with stainless bracelet, therefore we received a stainless steel bracelet while using MAEN Hudson likewise.I can imagine which the metal bracelet for Longines was considerably more important personal computer was for MAEN. A leather or NATO strap will perfectly suit the MAEN Hudson 38 using its vintage looks. A steel bracelet will fit great at the same time certainly, however, simply because of its vintage image, it wouldn't be as sturdy correctly with the more modern and overall more sturdy constructed Longines.Longines solid folding claps constructionAnd that was what exactly we learned. The MAEN bracelet's construction is using push-in pins as an alternative to little screws, like the Longines bracelet. At the same time, the deployant clasp on the MAEN is quite a bit lighter constructed compared to the Longines. The Longines includes a flip-lock-like folding clasp and even sports a diving extension to fit it over the neoprene suit. On bracelet quality and construction, the Longines to me wins hands down. A critical indicate me, while looking for a watch I would like to wear on the steel bracelet that may be obviously.The verdictSo, in the end, it appears that the difference in price did make my decision, becasue it is lower price caused the primary concerns We have while using MAEN Hudson 38. The price of both of these replica watches was probably a little too distant to generate an honest comparison. It highlights that this MAEN's price certainly isn't only lower as they do not sell through brick & mortar retailers. The Longines would be the more costly watch since it was constructed costlier. If I had the likelihood to waste that 鈧?1.070,= I might do this and buying the Longines HydroConquest in 39mm.You'll discover more information on both replica watches through their official websites. The MAEN Hudson 38 is found here, as the Longines HydroConquest webpage can be used.Will you have a question for people also? Feel free to drop us a line via this form. A more cleaner dial, devoid of the inner markers inside the dial The original Longines dial with markers and dots number one Slightly a lot of index markers for my taste Longines solid folding claps construction