There are many types of Master fire plan and its depending and purpose of the safety of property and employee. This master plan help to regular testing, service and maintenance of all fire equipment.

Following types of Master fire plan

Fire Alarm Zone Plan

Fire alarm zone plan displays are next to fire alarm panels.

As installed topographic drawings of the protected premises indicating the fire alarm zone system with clearly identifiable colour coded areas which will assist the fire service to the fire alarm location.

It is now recognized that the provision of a Zone Plan is of benefit to life safety and as such its provision has now been greatly emphasized.

The provision of the Zone Plan is now a required tick box on the Acceptance Certificate for FIRE NOC.

The absence of a Zone Plan is to be regarded as a major variation to the standard.

It is now required to have a Zone Plan adjacent to all control and indicating equipment.

It is the responsibility of the premises management to ensure the Zone Plan is kept up to date.

Fire Equipment Plan

These fire equipments plans are typically used by Fire Risk Assessors to develop a professional fire strategy for a building, reducing the risk of fire and ensuring the safety of the occupants. They typically display fire compartmentation areas together with fire detection/suppression areas and equipment.

This fire equipment plan main use regular testing, service and maintenance of all fire equipment.

Master Evacuation Plan

Master Evacuation plan displays are next main entrance of building and Building fire safety officer room.

This plan is over all look of building floor. This plan is very important to all building as per government standards.

External Site Plan

This Site Plan forms part of the Fire Strategy for your premises and is provided to assist the Fire Services when attending an emergency on site.

It displays key firefighting elements, access and evacuation routes, fire exits, assembly points, utilities shut off points and areas of specific risk.

We have display site map in every fire evacuation plan. We produce 2D and 3D Site map as per client specification.