Where applicable FIREPLAN photoluminescent signs and evacuation plan products are designed in conformance with Indian and International Standards.

Below is a list of standards that you might find useful when searching for references.

Indian Standards and Codes for Evacuation plan & Signages

  • National Building Code of India SP : 7 2005.
  • IS 12349-1988 Fire protection - Safety signs.
  • IS-1644- 1988 Code of practice for fire safety of building (general) : Exit requirement and personal hazard .
  • IS 12407-1988 Graphic symbols for fire protection plans.
  • IS 9457-1980 (Reaffirmed 1997) Code of practice for safety colors and safety signages
  • IS 13716 Code of practice patek phillipe replica for fire safety of hotels

International Standard for Evacuation Plan

  • Australian Standard 3745-2010
  • ISO BS-23601
  • OSHA 1910.38
  • BS 9999:2008
  • We also follow below countries standared
  • USA, UK, Europe Country, Gulf country, England, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain.